Website Traffic - 7 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

Website Traffic - 7 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic
Website Traffic - 7 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

Hey guys, are you looking for tips to increase website traffic? or Are you guys a little confused about how to increase your website's traffic? Then don't worry you are in the right place. In this article, we are talking about "How you can increase your website's traffic organically directly from google or bing or etc."

In this post, I'm sharing 7 tips to increase your website traffic organically. Okay, the biggest challenge of any blogger or any online marketer is to increase website traffic organically directly from search engines. To increase website traffic rapidly one thing is must which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the only way to increase organic website traffic.

So, follow these 7 tips to increase website traffic I've listed below...please have a look. I hope these tips may help you to increase your website's traffic and rank your website faster on search engines.

7 Tips To Increase Organic Website Traffic

1. Quality Content is Must

7 tips to increase website traffic
Quality Content is Must
You must keep in mind that your content is a king. Your content is the biggest weapon for getting ranked faster on search engines.

Google now keeps only quality content more. If you share informative content on your website then, you have probably more chances to ranked in the top 10 pages.

This is the first and best way to increase traffic to your website that everyone should follow. That is why I am placing it at number 1.

2. Create Backlinks

7 tips to increase website traffic
Create Backlinks
To rank in top pages on Google, your website must be connected to another website by using a backlink. When your website gets linked to many other websites that share the same content, Google trusts you more.

Now you can link your website to another website through a link. But you have to keep in mind that the content of the website from which you are creating a backlink is relevant from your website and its Domain Authority is 20+.

Please check the Domain Authority and Reputation of a website before creating a backlink. You can also write an email to the owner of any website and ask for a backlink for your website. Otherwise, you can generate backlinks by commenting on various sites.

This type of backlinks is called as DoFollow backlinks.

3. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

7 tips to increase website traffic
(SEO) Search Engine Optimization
To get traffic from Google, Bing it is important for your website to write SEO friendly article. SEO is a wide concept, it's not a one-paragraph explanation. I'm just listing here below some important points that you must keep in mind while doing SEO.

Post Title: In SEO, post title plays the most important role. Up to 30-40%, the SEO part is included in the post title. You must add 1-2 keywords in the title. And remember one thing, while writing the title tries to use important words like...most, popular, top 10, etc.

Post Description: Post description is another most important part of SEO. So, try to use some keywords while writing a search description. 

Add Images: You must keep in mind that, while writing posts use 1-2 images. And also write keywords in "Alt Tags" inside the properties of the image. 

Post Heading : Your post must contains heading i.e, <h1> tag. You can also use subheadings, minor headings, etc.

Content-Length: Any search engine like Google, Bing rank only those posts which have more than 500 words. So, try to write more than 500 words in the post. And your article must be unique...its a big point for SEO.

Post URL: Use 1-2 keywords inside the URL. It is also an important point.

Share Post: Share your post on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social media is the only way which gives you a lot of traffic every day.

4. Optimize Site Speed :

7 tips to increase website traffic
Optimize Site Speed
You must try to optimize your website speed before publishing it. Because it's a big factor in getting ranked faster. My recommendation is to use light and simple theme for your website. A light theme makes your website faster.

5. Publish Posts Continuously

7 tips to increase website traffic
Publish Posts Continuously
Regularity is the most important factor in Blogging. If you regularly work on your website, then Google will crawl your site more and give your site a higher rank.

Because when you write a post on regular time, your audience will wait for your new post and when you publish the post, everyone will read that post. The more people will read your post, Google will show your post in the top pages.

6. Try To Reduce Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means that very few people are interested in reading your content. This will lower your rank even further.

If you can reduce the bounce rate, then your normal content will also rank top in Google. Because Google will feel that more and more people are liking your content, which means that your content is better than others.

7. Promote Your Site

7 tips to increase website traffic
Promote Your Site
And the last and very important point in increasing website traffic is to promote your website on social media platforms. 

Apart from social media, you can promote your website content on Q&A forums like Quora, other blogs or website profiles.

Summary of Website traffic tips

  • Quality content is a must.
  • Create backlinks for your website/blog.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Optimize your website speed.
  • Publish posts continuously.
  • Try to reduce the website's bounce rate.
  • Promote your website on various platforms.

So, guys, this is all about "How to increase website traffic organically". I hope you like this. And please share this post with your friends. Thank you!

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